Saturday, August 7

Really wish this was not our view today—hello Duke Hospital. In an unfortunate turn, Heath started feeling rough again this morning. They are trying to get to the bottom of what is going on—kidneys and immune-suppressant meds don’t always “mix,” so they are doing lots of tests and labs and fluids to try to get him back to baseline/figure it out. They will keep him here through his heart cath (previously planned) at least until Tuesday. We certainly are grateful to be here with our Duke team—an odd “homecoming” of sorts. Heath is already feeling better after some meds and fluids in the ED and we’ve moved on to HGTV from our Olympics extravaganza in previous weeks.

**We (particularly Heath) don’t love to post a ton that can feel “all about us,” but we also know that folks will want to know and pray. all the things. We are truly grateful for love and positive thoughts and vibes and prayers. It gives us strength.**


[copied from Carrie’s Facebook]

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