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Tuesday, December 13 – Day by Day Becomes 14 Years

Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? We keep meaning to sit down and write an update.  And life keeps happening…and in this case it really has been a  “no news is GOOD news” scenario. I did a funeral at my church, FPC Burlington, on Monday afternoon, and I was enjoying some time meeting out-of-town […]

Wednesday, February 16 — We can say it

I think I mostly love the fact that we have been so busy getting back into “normal” life that I have had a hard time getting to the writing of a “quick” update. Heath had his final/follow-up CT scan, labs, and Hem/onc visit yesterday at Duke. We had to wait 21 days after COVID to […]

Monday, January 17 — Happy birthday, Heath!

14!! Heath turns 14-years-old tomorrow, January 18!! How is that possible? I read something about the fact that he would be eligible for driver’s ed this summer. Seriously? I think about how many times we have had to say that birthdate over the years for all of his medical stuff, especially in the last 6 […]