Monday, October 4 – Fresh air

We are HOME!

Until 4pm we were still up in the air—waiting on some labs and an iv, for the teams to confer about med changes—and then Suzi (our primary nurse) came in and said, “the orders are going in and meds are down at the pharmacy. Let’s get this boy home!” His white cells and ANC started going up this weekend, a little sooner than expected with all the stress of surgery, so the team decided that it would be great to get Heath home for more rest and recovery. We have to come in for labs Tuesday and Thursday, but that is an ok price to pay.

It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate with a 2-week hospital stay.  As we waited for Chris and Wilson to come around with the car, we realized Heath hadn’t been outside since Sept. 20.

We were welcomed home by Ama standing in the yard with the Wassers—Heath’s amazing 3rd grade teacher and her husband and baby, who had just brought dinner (❤️ ). 

He is super weak and has lost a ton of weight in the last few months—and being bedridden post-surgery robs you of muscle mass—but he made it into his “Heath cave” recliner with a huge smile.  His little brother stayed with him pretty much all evening—so glad he was home and talking football.  EB helped keep Rosie away because she was SO EXCITED to see her boy that she tried to join him in the recliner…

We are so glad to be home, but if I am being totally honest, we are exhausted and pretty darn overwhelmed with med changes and new medical responsibilities with ostomy and health monitoring.  I find myself thinking constantly about all the folks in our lives who have been caregivers for loved ones. 

We’ll check back in at chez Duke next Tuesday to start the next cycle of chemo. This is hard, but we have to make sure that obliteration takes place—so we’ll keep on going.

Old meds, new meds, instructions, and timing
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  1. Christie Masinick says:

    So grateful for this happy news. I cannot imagine the exhaustion you are all feeling so I pray that you can just spend some time resting and breathing together while everyone is under one roof. I smiled at the thought of EB needing to occupy Rosie. Our dog is the same way. 🙂

  2. Dave Pottenger says:

    So glad to hear about Heath returning home. It has to be comforting and invigorating for him. We think of you all every day and you remain in all of our prayers. Keep on obliterating!

  3. Patricia Hill says:

    Hi Heath
    Glad your home
    Tom is refing this weekend in Charlotte maybe you can catch his game
    His crew is routing for you and says stay strong
    Patty and Tom Hill #97

  4. Gloria Barton says:

    So glad to hear Heath is at home, and hope all of you can get much needed rest. Prayers for Heath to be healed, and for continued strength for you both as you care for him. Love to all the family.
    Gloria and Lennie

  5. Patty Van Dyke says:

    Praying for all of you! Glad Heath is home and you can breathe easier. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for nursing advice. I was a home care nurse for 27 years. Sending hugs and best wishes.

  6. Rayner England, Jr says:

    Love to you guys! I know all of the hard work and sleeplessness that goes into getting this sweet boy better. Praying for the whole family.

  7. Rayner England, Jr says:

    Love to you guys! I know all of the hard work and sleeplessness that goes into getting this sweet boy better. Praying for the whole family. xoxo

  8. Terry Hammersley says:

    A whole week at home!?!! That’s gotta feel good just to be all together under one roof! Getting some nice rest will give you strength for the next part of the journey. You’re always in my thoughts and I so admire how you process all of this from such an intuitive and loving heart. Self-care for Carrie and Chris, right?! Yes! And prayers for all of you, love, Terry

  9. Melissa Burris says:

    YAY!!!! So glad to hear you are all back under one roof, and in your own beds! Sending prayers of great joy and gratitude and for more good news to come. Much love from Melissa and the rest of the Burris family.

  10. Ginger Evans says:

    Our niece, Molly Goode, has just gone to Duke Pediatric ICU as a nurse. She is in training all this week I think, but we told her to look out for awesome Heath and his amazing family. Montreat connections and PCUSA love – God is at work. Much love and care from all Taylors and Evans.

  11. Candace McCall says:

    I am glad you are young because I could see me trying to keep meds straight! Positives are continuing and I feel the OBLITERATION is coming. Peace and rest for now. Thank you for updates… you are keeping us sane.🤪

  12. Kitty and Ken Kelly says:

    So so so grateful for a brief respite at HOME. Prayers continue daily for healing and please don’t ever feel that you need to send a thank you card. Loved hearing from you but it is not necessary to add that to your ongoing crazy life right now.

  13. Marietta Wynands says:

    Welcome welcome home, Heath! It’ll be good for the family to be together again for a little while. Continuing to pray for all of you every day.

  14. Judie Waters says:

    So happy for you all to have some time at home and for the siblings to be able to re-connect. We pray you can rest and renew your spirits a bit. You continue to be in our prayers.

  15. Gran Sarah says:

    Praise God you and Heath are HOME! I hope all of you can rest and recharge. Sending lots of love and prayers.

    Gran Sarah

  16. Holt Skinner says:

    Glad to know things are moving forward and you are home. Hospital is definatley not the place to rest and heal.
    “Day by Day” my friend; praying for everyone !

  17. Krista Miller says:

    Carrie – you have a way with your writing… makes us feel right there with you. Wish we could be. Thinking of your gang constantly. Stay strong – you’ve got this! So glad Heath is home – we can only imagine his big smile!! XOXO

  18. Faye says:

    So happy to hear you are home. Good luck with the medicines and the instructions.
    You need a flow chart to keep it all in line. Hope the new meds do what they need to do.
    Thoughts with you.

  19. Sarah Erickson says:

    Home is good. Sorting out new meds and routines…is what it is. Grateful for good news and for your village that brings dinners and prayers.

  20. Karen Hruslinski says:

    So glad you all are home!! Familiar, loving surroundings will boost healing. There’s nothing like your own bed, pillow and comforter.

  21. Laura Mendenhall says:

    Blessings on you, dear ones.
    May the circle of family and friends be touchstones of God’s mercy and strength for you.
    You are dearly loved and not alone!

  22. Jin-Jin Blackburn says:

    So glad you are home for awhile. Continued prayers for strength for all, rest for all and obliteration! Keep the faith-you can handle all that is thrown at you. Hugs!

  23. Karen Vandersea says:

    Dear Tuttles,
    What wonderful news that you get some time at home!! Thanks for the update… we are keeping y’all in our prayers. ❤️

  24. Deanna LaMotte says:

    Big love to that boy and his amazing village… can’t wait to celebrate his being cancer-free on the other side of this hard hard time.

  25. Diane Hill says:

    A new part of this challenging journey with different challenges and different gifts! May the gifts out number the challenges! Love to you all, and lots of prayers continuing.


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