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Monday, October 11 – Ending a week at home

It was early last Wednesday morning, around 7am.  Wilson and I were coming around the corner approaching his elementary school.  Wilson exclaimed, “Look how beautiful the sky is!”  It was a majestic mixture of orange and pink.  And all I could think was, “This beautiful morning is the day I’m going to cut my son’s hair.” […]

Monday, September 20 – What would you do?

It has been a question that we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this week – how will we use this time? We know that, starting tomorrow, we’ll be entering a pretty tough stretch. To be honest, we are afraid of what this week will hold. But Heath responded really well to a lighter […]

Monday, September 13 -A plan comes into focus

Hi friends, a few quick words. 1.  We are home.  Heath responded very well to this round of treatment, for which we are grateful.  So the weekend was filled with hanging out in the hospital and watching A LOT of football.  We’re all tired, but relieved to all be back under the same roof.  He’s back up […]

Friday, September 3 — First course complete!

So…..Carrie and I learned last weekend (when we posted a positive update and then spent the overnight hours in a rough patch), not to do updates too late in the day!  As evening comes the anxiety rises a bit. Thankfully, it has been a good two days.  Tuesday was a long clinic day with labs, and some […]