Saturday, September 25 – Back with our friends on 5200

A quick note at the end of a gorgeous Saturday to let you know that Heath is OUT OF THE PICU!  We moved back with our old friends on 5200 about 6pm. 

This morning the ng tube came out and he was cleared to begin to drink clear liquids, at a gentle pace.  The goal is to get his system slowly moving again.  He’s had a gatorade and some apple juice and a few popsicles.  We’re enjoying watching college football and are so relieved that he’s doing well enough to take this next step. 

We anticipate the next few days will be slow, talking with oncology to figure out  if this changes the chemo plan at all, and learning a lot about Heath’s new ostomy friend.  But after a few weeks of juggling very many things, this scary episode has clarified things a bit.  Our goal for the coming weeks is to heal.  May it be so.

After we moved into the new room I went down to grab a cup of coffee and sat out by the front circle, just to take a breath and watch all of the coming and going.  So many people, so many names and faces, staff and patients and families.  The hospital is this strange parallel universe – so much life and death right in front of us, not far from neighborhoods and homes and cheering fans at college sporting events.  For every Saturday evening dinner party there is someone waiting in the circle for a family member to take them home, a respiratory therapist starting a shift, hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds in a bed or a chair, waiting.

Hope you all have had a good day, whatever it has brought you.

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  1. Melissa Burris says:

    Sending prayers of thanks for the ability to drink Gatorade! And thanks for the removal of the tumor and a good start to a long healing process. Sending prayers of thanks and appreciation for a skilled and compassionate team of caregivers (thank you, God, for science), and sending prayers of strength and patience for parents and grandparents and siblings and others who have been up close to this every day, often feeling helpless and scared while trying to be calm and reassuring. May you all be held in the light of so much love coming your way from so many of us. – Melissa

  2. Sloan Nuernberger says:

    Just want you to know that all the Nuernberger’s are praying for all of you. All the time.. . With the Montreat crew and with the locals, we are in full-on prayer for you, Carrie, Heath, EB and Wilson. Sending much love.

  3. Greg and Wendy Lunsford says:

    So happy to hear that Heath is well enough to leave the PICU!! Praying for rest and healing this week🙏🏻
    We’re very familiar with that feeling in the hospital of being on another planet or in another universe…but you’re closer than you may feel, in our constant thoughts and prayers. May you find peace from the love of so many wrapping you in a warm hug❤️

  4. ANN MOSHER says:

    Chris and Carrie,
    You are so helping all of us who are praying for Heath and your family.
    Give us an O!
    Give us a B!
    Give us an LIT!
    Give us E!
    Give us an R!
    Give us an ATE!

    Cheers for Heath and all of you!

  5. Kristen Cole says:

    Praise God from whom all blessing flow! What an unexpected way to find out that “mission obliterate” is working! What a testimony you and your family are living and sharing with us. Blessings to all of you, esp our little fighter man.

  6. Ted Churn says:

    Thanks Chris for the update and reflection, and the reminder that so much is happening around us, people celebrating, mourning, struggling to get through another day. People who come and go, who have been and are an important part of our lives. Prayers continue for Heath….and for you and Carrie, and the family.

  7. Karen Hruslinski says:

    We’re so thrilled that Heath is able to eat popsicles! Who knew? It’s amazing that you continue to see the “ordinary” in the midst of such “extraordinary ”!

  8. Bonnie Maready says:

    Praying for healing and for the awesome medical team discerning the best treatment for Heath….
    We are with you whether you’re in PICU, Room 1, 5200, in the circle or home on the porch….
    Bless you All and may you feel the comforting love and peace we send and what Jesus Himself provides every day.
    Hugs and Love

  9. Anna says:

    So many prayers on this Saturday evening- thanksgiving for being out of the PICU and prayers for healing… and prayers for all those traversing that parallel universe of the hospital, may they know the God of hope, peace, and love.


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